EON Complaints – 0843 487 1806

Eon is one of the leading suppliers of gas and electricity to both the domestic market and businesses in the UK. Customers who experience problems with their supply of gas and electricity, or have issues with their utility bills which cannot be resolved, should contact the EON complaints number on 0843 487 1806.

Complaints about billing from Eon

Eon have produced their own Code of Practice so that customers know what to expect from their supplier. This document covers complaints from both residential and business customers. Customers who notice a discrepancy in their bill should contact Eon without delay. If you have a change of circumstance, such as moving house, then it is important to keep an eye on your fuel accounts. For example if you purchase a house which has been unoccupied for a period of time, you may find that you are being asked to pay hundreds of pounds for fuel supply which is not your responsibility. If this is the case you should contact EON complaints without delay and ask to speak to an adviser. A customer adviser will look at your account and check the meter readings. They may ask for additional documentation or evidence, such as tenancy records, to try to resolve the matter.

Next steps when disputing your bill with Eon

If you ignore your fuel bill then Eon may pass your account over to a debt collection agency, who will send out repeated demands for payment by post, including extra charges for administration. Non-payment of outstanding balances on an account may result in the threat of court proceedings, legal costs or being denied credit in future. To avoid being pursued for fuel supply which is not your responsibility, it is important to contact Eon to attempt to resolve the matter. In the event of a complaint being unresolved customers can refer the case to the Ombudsman. If it is agreed by the supplier that the bill is incorrect EON refunds will adjust the customer’s account to reflect this.

For customers having difficulty paying their fuel bills Eon complaints team may suggest installing a pre-payment meter. They can give advice on energy saving measures and provide details of the different tariffs available. Where a customer has overpaid due to a problem with a meter they should phone the EON refunds number and ask to speak to an adviser.