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eon-departmentsE.ON is one of the leading power and gas companies in the United Kingdom. The company generates and retails power and gas products. The company and the EON contact number is also one of the largest companies owned by investors in the UK. It provides employment opportunities to over 12,000 UK residents and over 79,000 people across the world. The company has a vision to provide reliable energy services in order to gain the trust of its existing and prospective customers. 

The company is made up of different departments each aimed at providing specific services to its customers. The departments are tailored for either home or business use. Some of the services offered by EON Departments include:

Energy Tariffs

Energy tariffs are categorized into four groups. They include:

E.ON EnergyPlan.

It is a variable tariff and charges no exit fees to customers. Electricity or duel fuel customers who opt in for this tariff have an opportunity to enjoy outstanding E.ON Rewards. This service is available to prepayment, credit and non-standard meter customers. 

E.ON Energy Fixed 1 Year v6.

Customers enjoy protection against price increases for one year. This offer is subject to regulatory changes and VAT. Its prices are much cheaper when compared to those provided for the standard variable plan. Customers who opt in also enjoy extra E.ON Rewards. Customers who exit the plan before the end date of their tariff are susceptible to an exit fee amounting to £5. The service is available as an electricity or dual fuel service only. No services exist for non-standard meter or prepayment users. 

E.ON Energy Fixed 2 Year v5. 

Customers are protected against price increases for two years subject to regulatory changes and VAT. Prices charged are more expensive as compared to that charged on the standard E.ON EnergyPlan. E.ON Rewards are available but an exit fee of £10 is charged per fuel for customers who leave before the expiry of their tariff. The service is available for only electricity and dual fuel customers. 

Age UK Fixed 2 Year. 

It is designed for customers aged above 60 years. It offers protection against price increases for two years and charges no exit fee. Tariff charges are very expensive but customers enjoy an array of E.ON Rewards. The service is not available for non-standard meter or prepayment customers. 

Online services

E.ON customers enjoy a great deal of online services that have simplified service delivery. Customers are now capable of picking their favourite new energy plans, pay their bills and give a meter reading with much ease online. 

Help and support

E.ON has an established customer care department that looks into queries raised by their customers. Get the contact number from their official website today and have all your critical issues resolved. 


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