EON FAQEON deals with a large number of customers in providing power and gas supply solutions. This includes residential homes, small businesses and large companies. Though their energy needs may be different, customers may from time to face the same problems. Some of the solutions to FAQs have been discussed below – more answers can be found by calling the EON phone number.

How are meters read?

Meter reading is a problem faced by most EON clients. It is, however, a simple process once with the know-how. The four common types of meters installed by EON are dial meters, mechanical meters, digital meters and smart meters. All of these, however, have different reading techniques. For example, mechanical meters have rotating counters and one only needs to read numbers displayed on the screen. However, red numbers and numbers after decimal points or with red borders need not be included. 

Some customers have their places fitted with digital meters. They normally have a digital display on the screen and once the coloured button on top is pressed, a reading comes up. All the displayed readings need to be noted down. The rate at which the reading is being made is shown next to the display and it may be for; Low or Normal, R1 or R2, L or N and 1 or 2. 

Dial meters need to be red from left to right and with the first dial being the one indicating 10,000. Sometimes the pointer may be in between two digits, and in this case one should pick on the lower one. If they happen to be 9 and 0, 9 should be picked. Smart meters, however, give automatic readings.

Should anything be done after changing a meter?

EON updates customer accounts automatically. Though it may not be done instantly, sometimes taking as long as six weeks, changes are normally back dated.

What happens if details of the new meter are not reflected on a bill?

EON customers are advised to wait up to six weeks before tabling the issue with EON customer services department. This is because it may be that the account has not yet been updated.

How is the meter box opened?

Meter boxes found outside need a special key in order to be opened. Customers who have just moved in are therefore advised to inquire if the previous occupiers left any key.

EON can, however, be contacted directly for more details on these EON FAQ. This is through the contact numbers provided on the site.

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